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A Dash of Yoga - Yoga stills the mind

It's easy to get started!

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Participate from the convenience of your home.

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Beginners are Welcome

No prior yoga experience required.

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No two classes are identical.

Yoga is for everyone

Yoga is a practice, not a perfectly executed pose.

Yoga in the park

Yoga is patience.

Yoga is not about how flexible you are.

Yoga in the parking lot

Yoga is relaxation.

Yoga is a way to reconnect with yourself.

Yoga outdoors in the tennis court

Yoga is a Journey.

We are all working towards something.

Yoga stretches in the parking lot

Yoga is a way of Life!

Movement is for the body. Stillness is for the mind.

Yoga under an overpass in the rain

Yoga is everywhere.

Yoga happens beyond the mat too.

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Online Classes
(Group and 1:1)

Class Format

Classes begin with a centering practice, followed by asanas (postures) and shavasana (relaxation).

I try to include mudras and pranayams (breath expansion and control) too.

Practical Information

Please have the following things handy:
your mat
2 cork blocks
a yoga strap
2 firm blankets
an armless chair
and some wall space

Students sharing their experience

I love Puja's weekly themed sessions where we focus on a particular twist or stretch and apply it to various muscle groups all over the body. I especially like the various breathing techniques that she has introduced me to, for eg. alternate nostril breathing. I started using it right before bed time and it helped to calm me down and get me to sleep quicker. Thanks to yoga with Puja, I have better posture as I go about my day, and I am more in tune with my body. I look forward to it every weekend.

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Fiona Dharwadkar

Austin, Texas

Yogini Puja Verma's yoga practices are like "a box of chocolate." you never know what you are gonna get but it is always "all good!".

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Naomi Ballen

Greensboro, North Carolina

I enjoy my morning practice with “A Dash of Yoga”. Puja teaches the fundamentals of Indian yoga. She is careful to promote healing using targeted poses. A Dash of Yoga meets you wherever you are in your practice.

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Lisa Everett

Greensboro, North Carolina

I love Puja’s classes because there is always something new I learn. Her kindness and dedication to our multicultural community is awesome. I love the different techniques she teaches us. There is a lot to cover during the class and time flies because we are having fun! After finishing the morning class I feel more energetic to start my day, like having a cup of coffee to keep me going strong.

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Cecilia Doss

Greensboro, North Carolina

What I enjoy the most about the class is that Puja takes the time to explain each pose and the significance it plays in our health. Each class is engaging and I definitely learn something new with each class.

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Pinki Patel

Raliegh, North Carolina


About Me

Sometimes, one takes the long way back home. I did my first yoga teachers training from the The Yoga Institute in Santa Cruz, Mumbai when I was 21. I did it along with my mother. My main reason was to motivate her as she was suffering from backaches, spondylosis and sinus infections. My mother found immense relief from her regular weekly yoga class and the training program. I breezed through the program and like any overconfident 21-year old I took my flexibility for granted. Soon after that I came to the US for my Masters in Public Health. I forgot all about Yoga. I have had a meandering path and only recently found my way back to yoga. As soon as I attended my first class at Triad Yoga Institute in 2017 I knew I wanted more. I kept returning and found myself enrolling into the teacher training program. My mat is my safe haven and I am at my happiest when I am teaching students.


The name “Dash of Yoga” is inspired by my running group called the “Downtown Dashers”. We meet early morning at YMCA and dash to different routes around downtown 3-4 times a week. Our formula is to run one minute and walk one minute. The minute in which we walk helps maintain our energy and stamina. I bring the same routine to my yoga teaching by combining simple and challenging poses in the practice. There will be time for stillness, playfulness, creativity and rest.


I may not be the most graceful, flexible or strongest yogi.


But, I am a very sincere teacher and lifelong student of yoga.


Puja Verma

RYT 500 HR

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Greensboro, North Carolina